The Multiple Piano Festival is an annual event held in November, in which the students play duets simultaneously on 12 grand pianos under the direction of a conductor.  Students are chosen to perform after they audition (usually held in late October/early November).  This is quite a unique performance and very fun!!


Students:  you'll want to start your music and commit to your duet partner in the summer.


Concert Date: Saturday November 18  at Skyline High School (Vance Brand Auditorium) 7:00 p.m.
Audition Date: Saturday, Nov. 9, at various locations. Plan for a morning time.
Rehearsals: Nov. 15 or 16 at CU or Boulder Piano Gallery (art work for the program cover contest is due this day), and Nov. 22 & 23 at Vance Brand.
Audition Fee = $22.00
Audience Ticket Price (no ticket needed for performers) = $15.00



The Federation Festival is an annual event usually held in March (March 14, 2020).  Students prepare solo and/or ensemble pieces in various events and their performances are evaluated by judges.  Students may also choose the theory test and/or sight reading event.  Ratings are given for each event in the form of points and trophies are awarded to students who have earned 15 points. This motivational event helps the student see his or her progress throughout the year.

Students who receive the highest rating (a "5") in any performance event are allowed to compete at the state level in that event (held in April or May) if they so desire.

Students who enter the Festival must belong to the Boulder Junior Federated Music Club.  There are scheduled optional  recitals for club members who would like to perform their Federated music in advance of the Festival.

Music will need to be started by the fall and all events and pieces need to be chosen by December.

Festival Date:  March TBD, 2018 Niwot High School

Junior Club Membership  $20.00 plus $12.00 per event (students often choose 3 or 4 events)

State Competition Date:  April TBD,

State Competition Fees:  $30.00 per event