Piano Styles Improv Workshop


Improv Class Structure

Students participating in the Improv Classes must be at least  nine-years old.  Students will work in pairs, each sharing a piano; with a maximum class size of six students.   We will discuss form, playing bass lines, basic comping, and soloing.  We will be working with "Band-in-a-Box" which simulates playing with a REAL band.  It is loads of fun!! The classes are designed to expose "classical" players" to different pop styles and to show piano players what it feels like to be part of a rhythm section.


We will explore several different styles including:

Blues and Reggae

New Age and Techno

Bossa Nova and Jazz

Improv Classes






Summer TBA

Summer TBA

Summer TBA







Summer TBA



* Adults Only  
** Teachers Only  


 Classes are offered as fun,
no stress, jam sessions!